Little Eagles (Ages 4-7)

This class is for children 4-7 years old. It is our goal to introduce our youngest practitioners to the gentle art in an engaging and educational way. Basic fundamental Jiu Jitsu skills are learned through games and techniques. We apply several strategies to teach our students movement, agility, self-defense and teamwork. While we do have kids that compete in this program the primary focus is building a strong foundation to build on and providing them with the tools needed to defend themselves in a situation of being bullied.

Eagles (Ages 8-13)

Available for kids 8 and up, our kids program will provide a more technical approach to learning Jiu-Jitsu. Kids will realize their potential by being presented with and working through challenges while developing their techniques. This combination allows students to put their training to the test; to feel what it’s like trying to execute techniques against someone who is actively working to prevent them from succeeding. We also focus on competition strategy and preparation. The combination of learning both the competition and self defense aspects of the art provides them with a a great skill set that will pay dividends later in life.

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